Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Would You Rather Bang

So earlier today Jenna Jameson called Chelsea Handler a "dried up old whore" on twitter, saying that Handler called someone's kids retarded (Not really sure who's kid). Now this has the potential to be one of those classic twitter battles, right up there with Soldja Boi vs Fabolous twitter feud. But the better question is which chick would you rather bang. Both are kinda old. But we all know Jenna's talents in her prime, and Chelsea Handler has to be a dick-wrecker in bed because she gets fucked a lot. Gun to my head I would have to go with fucking Jenna in her prime, Handler isn't funny and I don't want Fifty's sloppy seconds.

Videos and Pics to help you decided after the break, make your choice in the comment section. Obvi NSFW

Jenna Video 1
Jenna Video 2
Jenna Video 3

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