Monday, January 31, 2011

So Duke Lost Big Freakin Deal

Probably the only hot duke fan in the nation
Yesterday my Duke Blue Devils got smacked around by St. John's. Normally a Duke loss is pretty upsetting never mind getting embarrassed on their home floor (wait MSG isn't their home floor), but I wasn't even mad yesterday. First, it was only Duke's second loss of the year, three less than those poor bastards in Chapel Hill. Second, I am a huge Big East Basketball fan, so this was a big win for the conference that continues to show why it has the best basketball in the country, except for Providence (kidding, kinda). Third, Steve Lavin is awesome. Great day to be at the Garden to say the least, it was rockin for the Johnnies and then later that night was rockin for the Knicks.

Ps. I would be lying if I said that I was concerned about how Duke loses. Both their losses they shot a combined 4 of Kajillion from three. One bad shooting night like this in March and its night night in the NCAA tourney.

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  1. No need to say you were kidding. We definitely suck.