Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Point on Barry's State of the Union

Obama throws like a girl @NatsGame and Bush Just throwin strikes in front millions in the WS

So I am probably going to post a full blog on the State of the Union tomorrow, but a couple of quick points. First Barry has to stop taking credit for the tax cuts, and the liberal media needs to stop giving him credit. He only extended the BUSH tax cuts. Second, his point about reforming illegal immigration is ridiculous. Kids of illegal immigrants should be deported with their ILLEGAL parents. Not my fault your parents crossed our border and decided to bang. Lets be serious half these kids are born out of wedlock, because they know most times the government won't separate child from at least one of the parents. So they just have kids for their own protection. I mean 51%  of latino kids are born out of wedlock, and I am sure that number is low because a lot of the illegals don't want to be documented and thus not included in that stat. Also NObama made the point that these kids pledge allegiance to the Flag like Me, Jimmy, or any other American, but here's the kicker they DON'T. They don't love this country. For God's Sakes they don't even want to learn the Language. I know we don't have an "official" language but its accepted that English is, and when you have second generation Hispanics not knowing a lick of English, something is wrong. Just go spend a day in Morristown just past Headquarters Plaza, its like a different country there. No one speaks English, crime is through the roof, and the place looks like a hell hole. They're trying to make us change to accommodate them instead of the opposite.

PS. In this article Some black momma is quoted as saying that part of the reason that 71% of African American women have children out of wedlock, is because "Culturally speaking do we want to spend that money on a wedding or a house? ... I guess it's about priorities." Words right out of the horses ass mouth. The reason they live in poverty for ever is because their culture doesn't strive to achieve the American dream, their priorities clearly are backwards. My goal in life for sure is to have a successful career, a family, and own a house, but I guess its about priorities

PPS. Love how the military generals didn't clap when NObama said gays should be allowed to serve. Never a good thing to go against your highest and brightest military minds advice, Would you want someone with the gay to be in your foxhole?

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  1. Finally! There ya go Commish, I knew you had a good, coherent blog in you somewhere. Well said