Saturday, January 8, 2011

Commish Turns to the Dark Side

I don't know what to tell you, folks. The Commish must be sippin Rex Ryan's kool-aid or some crazy shit like that. Taking the Jets +3? Kid is off his rocker. I'll tell you right now, I hope to all hell he's right because the last people I wanna see running out of the visitor's tunnel at Gillette Stadium next Sunday are Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and co. However, were in the business of telling you were to place your money, not your dreams, and his one tonight isn't even gonna be close. Colts, by A LOT. I'm talkin 3+ TDs. We might see Curtis Painter round 2 tonight. Yeah, it's gonna be that ugly.

OFFICIAL T-Bred prediction: COLTS (-3) -- don't even think twice about it.

**Editors Note: you know to take the Colts because elpres took the Jets and he hasn't been right since the last time The Law Firm fumbled.
***THE COMMISH NOTE: Fuck Jimmy, I was right and thank God I didn't know El Pres took the Jets, would have swayed my pick...Oh wait Jimmy changed my pick. What ever I say I took the Jets 2-2 on weekend thats shit, bound to have one bad weekend. More to come Monday. 

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