Friday, January 7, 2011


Wall Street Journal:

Verizon Wireless just sent out a bright red invitation to an event next week.

Verizon doesn’t have a lot of fancy events. And it’s a little odd to be holding an invitation-only press conference a few days after the wireless carrier could have made almost any announcement it wanted to a huge audience at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We say “almost,” because there’s one announcement Verizon couldn’t make at CES: an iPhone running on its network. Apple Inc. is famous for avoiding the big gadget conference and likes to do its own thing.

So, for the first time ever this blog is being used to discuss something other than what 50-year-olds The Commish wants to bang, or what the latest thing Rex Ryan did to piss me off. The wait is finally over, folks. Verizon is finally doing what people have been predicting since Apple first released the iPhone in 2007, or so it appears. I know Apple and AT&T had this exclusive contract but quite frankly one has to wonder what in the hell was Apple thinking in the first place? Let's be serious, AT&T sucks. Their service is slow as shit, they drop more calls than anyone I've ever had, and they don't even get fucking service in G-Vegas. Like come on, my friend who has the AT&T iPhone 4 has to literally walk outside in the freezing cold just to call her mom. It's a joke. So the big winners here are, in order, Apple, iPhone users and Verizon customers (such as myself) who have been holding out for a Verizon iPhone. The notable losers are obviously AT&T, but also Android who has become a smartphone tycoon as Verizon customers grew restless waiting for a Verizon iPhone. I would list BlackBerry as a loser but Android already bullied them as the dominant Verizon-carried smartphone.

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