Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oklahoma Sooners National Champs!!

Screw you Oklahoma, I mean it was a long shot picking UConn at +15.5 but I was on a hot streak and Oklahoma always chokes in the bowl game. Bob Stoops regardless of the 5 straight BCS bowl losses every year declares the BCS screws them and that they deserve the National Championship, so this year the Sooners got thrown a bone and played UConn who hadn't scored an offensive touchdown in 10 years. But what ever I'll take 4-1 for the weekend, calling TCU winning (more or less cause my bro is bangin one of the smoke cheerleaders) with a bonus that ND laid the lumber on the U. Can't wait for the National Championship game should be dope.

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  1. What's with the broad next to the shit filled toilet a few posts down? It's quite distracting