Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ryan Gives Pats Bulletin Board Material -- for Next Season

With just two days to go before meeting Indianapolis in an AFC wild-card game, Jets coach Rex Ryan was busy praising Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and ended up zinging the Patriots.

"Nobody studies like [Manning]. I know [Tom] Brady thinks he does and all that stuff," Ryan said. "I think there's probably a little more help from [Bill] Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning."

This guy is such a fucking clown it's hardly even worth my time. I should be applying for real jobs right now so I don't end up working in grounds keeping for the reset of my life, but for some reason I'm blogging about that fat shit's latest absurd comment. Listen Rex, you have no idea, nor does it matter, which quarterback studies your defense more. You want to know why? Because your team cannot beat either of them when it matters. Sure, you have a 2-2 record verse Brady as head coach (Brady also beat Ryan in 2007 when Ryan was defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens), But in the latest battle Brady pummeled you 45-3 and the first 3 (or really four, including '07) there was a clear formula to Brady and the Pats offense during the Moss Era: blitz, blitz, blitz and double Randy Moss (the next person to say Revis guarded Moss one-on-one will take a bullet to the eye, I swear. Watch the film, Revis has safety help over the top EVERY SINGLE TIME). But what does any of that have to do with film study and preparation? Do you have access to the Colts' and Patriots' film records to see how much film each quarterback studies? You have no idea. You're just trying to stir the pot. Well sir, the pot has been stirred enough already. The only meaningful time you have beaten either of these quarterbacks was last year when you beat Curtis Painter, not Peyton Manning, and that game was only meaningful for your team anyways. Try beating the Patriots (you know, when it matters) before you talk anymore shit because you're embarrassing yourself and your organization.

***Take it to the bank: TBred Predictions Colts (-3). House fuckin money. You cannot lose this one folks.

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