Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jason Taylor: The One Jet that Gets It

ESPN Boston:
As for Brady's on-field demeanor, which rubbed some Jets the wrong way Dec. 6, Taylor acknowledged that it caught his attention.

"I know people talk about him celebrating or whatever, pointing at the sideline, I've heard things about that. He was pretty demonstrative up there when we played him up there last time when they scored a touchdown," he said. "I come from a school of thought that if you don't want someone to celebrate or be excited, say something to you, or do something that you might perceive to be offensive, then don't let them score and they won't do that.

"I respect Brady as a competitor, and as a person No. 1. I think the things he's done on the field this year have been nothing short of amazing. He's a guy who plays with a lot of passion. As an athlete, you can appreciate it. If he's not on your team, it will obviously tick you off. But again, keep him out of the end zone and you won't be offended by it."

Finally, amidst all the gibberish coming out of Jet camp, we finally have some common sense. First, you had Braylon Edwards crying because the TB12 train left his asshole feeling sore, then you had Rex Ryan saying that this so-called 'rivalry' is personal (just like his foot-fetish video, and pictures of Darrelle Revis sniffing Michelle's feet) between him and Belichick, then we have Antonio Cromartie acting like Tom Brady stole one of his kids. It's ridiculous, the circus they're running over there in Florham Park. Apparently, someone in Green and White finally gets it: Jason Taylor. I'll be the first to admit I pretty much hate Jason Taylor. I completely agreed with Bill Parcells on the whole Dancing with the Stars fiasco, and I think he's a huge tool for going on Dancing with the Stars to begin with. Okay, so the real reason I hate him is because he is -- should I say used to be -- really good and has always been a division rival. Whatever the case may be, he's the one guy in that room full of cheaters, drunk drivers, and amnesic fathers to actually say something logical. Don't like the way Brady celebrates? Don't let him score. You think the Patriots appreciated Braylon's dougie? But no one cried about it, they just made sure it didn't happen again.

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  1. Seriously though, if you think that's Revis in the picture with Rex's wife, you are either blind, stupid, or Racist because you think all black people look the same. He literally looks nothing like him.