Monday, January 24, 2011

The Commish Starting Shit and Ending Shit on Big Bad FB

Yesterday was a great day, Packers are going to win the Super Bowl and the Steelers took care of the Jets. Naturally, I went on good ol Facebook to watch for "Jets Fans" status saying how Patriot fans cant talk shit. Oh Contraire Mo share (spelled wrong intentionally assholes) Pats fans can talk shit because you idiot jet fans were in the same god damn boat, which is not playing for the Super Bowl. But here's the difference and why we as pats fans are ENTITLED to talk shit. Jets fans fat coach ran his fat mouth about how the jets were going to win a Super Bowl and anything less than that is a disappointment, while all the major sports media outlets had the Pats finishing third IN THE DIVISION. But the actual point of this blog is not to point out how the Pats are set for another dynasty, I leave that to Jimmy cause thats what he does best, but about how I Churched the shit out of a couple of jets fans. Come get some

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