Monday, January 10, 2011

Nets Basketball

So the Nets are close to getting Carmelo, but according to Chris Broussard who I used to never listen to until he got the Lebron thing right, says that Chauncey Billups is holding up the deal. I wouldn't be mad at the Nets because I don't hate the Nets, I root for them except when they play the Knicks. But I will be mad at Carmelo, the greed bastard is just looking for his money, and does care about helping the Knicks bringing in a championship. If he is traded, part of the trade agreement states that Carmelo has to sign a new deal with the Nets next year, much like what the Celtics did in the trade negotiations for KG. The only reason I can see Carmelo doing this is because of the potential lock out next year. He wants to guarantee his money because he knows a lock out will lead to less money for the players. So you know what as much as I want Melo, and as much as I don't think this deal goes through, If Melo only cares about the money and not winning a championship, I don't want him on my Knicks. I had to live that mentality during the Isaiah run.

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