Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Day

Apparently tonight is the National Championship Game. Completely forgot about it seeing as they took like 15 months off. But hey I already blogged about my complaint. Anyway what I really want to talk about is how retarded Jets fans are. I don't think I've heard more trash talking in such a short span than after the Jets won Saturday night. Wow big whoop Jets fan your slightly above average team beat an average Colts team, when Ast. HC Jim Caldwell called a timeout behind HC Peyton "Anaconda" Manning's back In typical Jets fan fashion because they have never won anything in their lives, think because they squeaked by against a team that frankly was not as good as the Jets, that they are now Super Bowl bound. Yo newsflash ya morons, you gotta play the Pats first. Remember what happened leading up to week 13 when the Jets ran their mouths and then got ran off the field? I do 45-3 come get some. But that little dose of reality hasn't cooled their Jets, they're calling into radio shows saying "yeah, uh, I like, uh, our chances cuz da, uh, Jets played good against one Super Bowl Champ QB, and, uh, dey gonna do it again against Tom Brady cuz, uh, da Jets and Rex Ryan are da best." Thanks ya jackass for the call but any educated football fan, knows the Jets have a chance, so they're gonna need a miracle to win because the Patriots are the best team in football with the MVP at QB, a genius as a coach, home field, playoff experience, etc.

If you want to know what this so called miracle is Jets fans, you can look as recently as last Saturday with the Seahawks victory. Or better yet rewind to 2001 when a second year head coach and QB did the impossible and upset ran train threw the playoffs and won a game that no one expected them to win, but the difference between the 01 Patriots and this year Jets is simple. The Jets have Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan and the Patriots had and still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Brady may not study game film like Peyton Manning, but that's because TB actually wins in the playoffs. And Belichick may not fuck feet like Rex Ryan, but while Rex is calling players irreplaceable, Belichick is finding replacements for those irreplaceable players.

The Jets fans should be proud of this season, another building step for your young QB, your team has stolen the spotlight from the Giants, and all the front running idiot football fans (i.e. almost all women) are now in the Jets corner (you got that working for you Giants fans), but Jets fans unfortunately this season is going to be one of disappointment for you. With all the progress forward your fat idiot coach ran his mouth and guaranteed a Super Bowl appearance, so anything short of that should and is a disappointment. However knowing Jets fans a couple of days after getting smacked around by the Pats, they will be calling up WFAN and 1050 saying how they knew the Pats were going to win and that the Jets did have a great year and next year is a guaranteed Super Bowl. Every year the Jets fans get all amped for their team believing that this year is going to be their year, fine I have no problem with that I'm a Red Sox, Knicks, Rangers, and Notre Dame Football fan, every year I think this is going to be my year. The problem I have with the Jets is they are all so cocky and always believe push come to shove their team is going to come through for them. What makes me different is I am confident in my team but until I they prove me wrong I always have this nagging feeling that my team was some how going to find a way to lose. I didn't think the Red Sox were actually going to close out the World Series in 04 until the 27th out was made and I along with 99% of Red Sox Nation will say the same. Jets fans all claim they knew Folk's kick was going in. C'mon Jets fans gun to your head their is no way you believed that Nick Folk was going to make that kick, right? If you did you're a bigger idiot than I thought.


  1. Wow what an incoherent rant. Now let one of those retarded Jets fans defend himself: As Rex Ryan would say, "Now it's personal."

    1) No Jets fans I know are brushing off the Pats game to say nyj is going to the super bowl

    2) For someone who brings up the "week 2 super bowl" so damn much, deeming it a meaningless reg. season game, you apparently have no qualms about rehashing the 43-3 game, also in the reg. season.

    3)If you can't see that Sexy Rexy clearly uses his cockiness in front of the media as a simple motivational instrument to try and get the most out of his players, you're an idiot. (And for what it's worth, him and the Worst QB In The League are already the winningest coach and qb in our franchise's rather lame history, respectively, so his tactics, like them or not, ARE working)

    4)As for your last point about how we apparently all guarantee the Jets will win before the game starts, and we'd be better off being nervous until the final whistle, much like sawx fans not believing what they were seeing until the final out in the 2004 series--This might actually be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard a Pats fan say. Our franchise has had one of the most tortured pasts of any, and much like I'm sure you were before the curse was broken in 04, we are ALWAYS waiting for the Same Old Jets to rear their ugly heads, no matter how talented the current iteration of the team may be, or how far into the playoffs they are. Older fans remember the countless disappointments of decades past, and even strapping young Jets fans such as myself have been around long enough to have reoccurring nightmares of Marino's fake spike and Doug Brien's club foot. So please spare me the "Jets fans always talk shit and think they're the best BS. Because , it appears as if you're mistaking our Coach's bravado (again, a simple tactic in this big chess game) with our fanbase's excitement to see our team finally doing something positive

    SackBomb OUT

  2. *winningest PLAYOFF coach and QB