Wednesday, January 26, 2011

$900 to Tailgate the Super Bowl is Flat Out Unamerica

ESPN Dallas:

IRVNG, Texas -- If you're lucky enough to have a ticket to Super Bowl XLV between Pittsburgh and Green Bay, then the next step is to find parking near Cowboys Stadium.

And that might be more expensive than the ticket.

According to, there is a spot available a tenth of a mile from Cowboys Stadium going for $990 at 908 North Collins at Parking. To be fair, you would have access to a restroom, on-site security and the ability to tailgate.

Someone explain to me why there might be a lockout again? Because this "No Fun League" that everyone seems to hate yet continues to watch at record shattering rates is straight stealing from us. Listen, I understand supply and demand and they're going to keep hiking rates as long as people keep paying for this shit, but when is enough finally enough? Fans paid $15 for beer at last years Super Bowl. That makes Yankee Stadium look a soup kitchen. Jersey's are like $80 and they fall apart if you wash them more than three times. A stupid hat that has your team's and the NFL's logos (and if it doesn't have the NFL logo its cheap-ass bootleg shit, don't wear it to a game or Roger Goodell will personally strangle your ass) costs over $20. This league is out of control. The average fan simply cannot afford to support their team anymore. The worst part of it is that it is diluting the experience of going to a game. Sure there are still some degenerate assholes who still make games amusing even when its a slop fest 10-6 game where neither team can move the ball, but those guys are fewer and farther between these days. Gillette Stadium is a perfect example of it. In the old Foxboro Stadium, every fan in there was there to watch the game. Sure they got piss drunk and made assholes out of themselves, but they were all their because they loved the Patriots and the loved football. Now the best seats cost over $1,000, and the result is arrogant rich folk who don't care about the game sitting in the prime seats. People leave games -- good games -- at halftime because its tool cold. "Fans" leave Heinz Field before their team is presented with the Lamar Hunt Trophy because they have no appreciation for the game. You know why NFL television ratings are shattering records? Because the REAL fans cannot afford to go to the games anymore.

And yet the owners are complaining they don't get enough money? Maybe there is some fucked up shit going on where all the money we pay at the ticket windows, fan shops, and concession stands is all just getting wired to Bill Belichick's Swiss bank account. That must be it.

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