Monday, January 24, 2011

Jimmy on Championship Weekend

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I'll start with the story of the day, Jay Cutler. The Commish and I disagree on this completely. I believe every player, writer, fan, and anyone else out there tweeting, jersey burning, or drunk babbling about Cutler being "soft" or a quitter should go suck a fat one. The guy tore his MCL for Christ's sake. Sure, we didn't know that at the time, but what the fuck did you morons think? It was a one score game. They weren't getting embarrassed, they were playing better on both sides of the ball than most people expected them to. He hadn't made any boneheaded plays that he is some how famous for (despite his respectable 82 career QB rating). What incentive would he have to "quit"? So you tell me, why was everyone assuming the worst? Why does everyone want this guy to fail? Is it because they're scared he's the next Brett Favre? Because he damn well could be. Is it because they don't want to see someone from Vanderbilt succeed? Because that would be quasi-legitimate. Is it because he demanded out of Denver once McDaniels got hired? Because not only does that look like the best decision of his career, let's not forget John Elway and Eli Manning both demanded trades before taking a single snap in the NFL. So please, until I hear a legitimate argument against Cutler that is not based purely on hearsay, lay off the man. His girlfriend is a smokeshow, too.

As for the games, they both went about as I would expect. I thought the Packers would move the ball a little more freely on the Bears but I'm not surprised it was a fairly close, fairly low scoring game. Bitter rivalry, frigid conditions, two strong defenses. Even though the Bears had a shot at the end, that game wasn't as close as the scoreboard showed. The Packers were too good on both sides of the ball. I was somewhat surprised that Shittsburg let the Jets back into the game in the second half. I hate to admit it, Sanchez played a pretty good game in the second half and almost brought them all the way back verse one of the toughest defenses in the league. I'm shocked Palamalu didn't play a bigger role in the game, but then again the Jets didn't complete a single ball deep down the middle (Sanchez was 9-for-9 over the middle when they played in December, Palamalu did not play that day). Considering how well the Steelers ran the ball in the first half, a near second half meltdown is inexcusable. Sanchez is a mediocre QB at best, and you know they have to throw the ball down three TDs at half, so how in the hell you let him pick you apart in the second half I cannot explain. Also, the Jets not finding a way to get the ball in from 1 yard out is inexcusable. You pride yourselves on running the ball and playing smash mouth football. You went out and signed a future Hall of Famer for these situations, and you come away with nothing? And do so by putting the ball is Mark Sanchez's hands twice? Unreal.

All that aside, how great is it to listen to fat Rex after a loss. The guy just sounds like a moron. Like sure, he comes off as a self-centered asshole after wins too, but its hard to say anything after he just won. But to come out like he did after the 45-3 game, and like he did last night, you just look like you don't belong in the big leagues. You sound like a whining 4th grader who just got beat up by a 3rd grader. At that point, you need to just take your medicine and go home. Unfortunately for Rex and gangrene, he doesn't know how to do that. So instead of people dwelling over the fact that the Jets had an impressive season, they're sitting around baffled by the ignorance and arrogance of that fat piece of shit. Maybe some day Rex and his crew will learn you can't talk your way to a championship. The Jets were built to win it all this season, and they failed. It's going to be a long summer in Florham Park.

6 picks in the first 3 rounds anyone?

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