Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Z on Sterger

I know my main man Jimmy just voiced his opinion on the whole Favre saga cumming (pun) to a close, but I wanna throw my two cents in here. First Goodell is a terrible commissioner and proves it week after week. However his hands are tied here, what is he supposed to do suspend Favre? The dude is headed for retirement no way he cums back next year, so essentially the only thing Goodell could do is fine him. Its like when you get pulled over for doing 95 in a 65 on RT 24 and the cop only gives you a "not wearing a seat belt ticket" cause you . Personally in both cases I think the guys in charge should let you go scot-free.
That brings me to my second point Brett Farve pisses me off, I get it its hard to give up a sport you played your whole life but cum on bro you're about to die and frankly you were never that good. You throw more stupid picks than anyone I've ever seen and listening to you talk makes me thank God every day that I'm from New Jersey and not bumblefuck, Mississippi.
Lastly, Jenn Sterger you are a hot box of rocks and I would love to bang you but honey there are better ways of becoming famous than ratting out famous athletes that show you their braciole. You clearly didn't want the police involved so you waited until the statue of limitations ran out, that way you can get all the attention without any of your dirty (and sexy) laundry being aired out.
 But even with his tiny dick and low IQ I would take Brett Favre in his prime over Eli

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