Tuesday, December 28, 2010

See The Knicks

First and foremost ya boy correctly predicted the Knicks covering the spread tonight, chalk another one up to Tbred Predictions. Second, I don't care that the Knicks lost, they looked good, albeit missing a bunch of free ones from the line isn't. Raymond Felton continues to impress me, and deserves to be in the all-star game. Right now I would take him over Rajon Rondo. Call me an idiot but I know basketball, been around it my whole life. Yes Rondo is a better defender but honestly on offense he gives you nothing, zip, zilch, NADA. His assist totals are so high because he has a bunch of chuckers (really good shooters, but still chuckers) on his team, this means he one pass and swish from Allen or Pierce and boom he has a dime. Felton, runs the Knicks offense, he pushes the ball like a black Steve Nash, he runs the pick and roll with Amare like better than anyone in the game right now, and on top of that he scores, averaging 18 and change. And while stats don't tell the whole story, its ironic that Felton and Rondo average the same number of steals per game. But just suppose Felton and Rondo switch spots, Rondo would not considered a premiere guard on the Knicks, sorry its true cause he cant score, put Felton on the Celtics and you see pretty much the same production.

While I don't think you can lock up the Knicks as NBA Champs, they are proving that they're a dangerous team and you definitely don't wanna see them in a five game series (WHAT THEY GOT RID OF THAT??)

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