Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Michelle Beadle is a Hot Box of Rocks

Michelle Beadle is a smoke, she loves sports, and definitely can make a mean sandwich. Yeah she is kind old (35) but doesn't matter to me. One day she will retweet, cmon @ESPN_Michelle one time

PS. @ESPN_Ashley (Ashley McCloskey) is a smokeshow too
PPS. 100 bucks says Marcellus Wiley has banged both of them #tbredpredictions


  1. Apparently this thing is just giving me whatever username it feels like now. Cool.

  2. Two things:
    1) You're welcome for introducing you to the term hot box of rocks
    2) Betcha didn't know Beadle was on the YES Network for a brief stint in which she was inevitably banged by Jeter and/or did A-Rod with a strap on

  3. Bro I'll thank boomer and carton for the term hot box of rocks and Yeah that how I first saw her, on Yes network, also sat right near her at a nets game. SMOKE