Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eli Manning Never Was, Is, or Will Be an Elite Quarterback

"It is the perfect debate for a sports bar — or, if you’re waiting out a blizzard-related travel delay, an airport: If you had to pick one quarterback to lead your team for the next eight years, who would it be?"
 Steve Politi, normally a decent columnist but his article today in the Star-Ledger was pathetic. He picks Aaron Rodgers as his QB of the future, aiite not a terrible choice but anyone else think that he is just caught up in AR no lube boning of the G-Men. He rules out TB12 only the greatest QB of our generation and Peyton Manning the second best QB of our generation because they are too old. You kidding me? In today's NFL QBs are protected more than the president, and both look great for being mid 30s. Politi decides to compare Eli to a bunch of QBs not named Brady or Peyton. He decides to that Eli is a top ten QB in the league. What a joke, this dope got lucky winning a Super Bowl, and is far from capable of leading the Giants on his own.

My unbiased top 10 list of best NFL QBs:
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
Aaron Rodgers

Philip Rivers
Matt Ryan
Mike Vick
Ben Roethlisberger
Joe Flacco
Matt Cassel

Eli falls in the 10-20 range. What makes all these QBs exceptional, is their ability to be great and make their teammates better, no matter what no names they play alongside. The only thing Eli makes great is the opposing D.

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