Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks anyways, Philly

If there is one thing I have learned over the years its this: Philadelphia is worthless. You can't count on them for anything. Well, that's not true. You can count on them for one thing: front-running fans who come out of the woodwork when their teams are good and throw everyone and everything involving their team under the bus the second they inevitably start to lose (because outside of the fluke 2008 Phillies, they always do). Let alone covering the spread -- a not unreasonable 14 points given the state of the two teams -- they couldn't even cheat their way into winning the game. Too bad were not all as smart as Cris Collinsworth who "could almost see this one coming."

Is there anyone else that would like to challenge TB12 for MVP?

Excuse me while I go swap Joe Webb for Mike Vick on my "Top Ten QBs right now" list.

**Editor's Note: Philly does actually have two redeeming qualities, Rocky and Cheesesteaks, other than that the city is a dump, I would take Newark over Philly any day of the week and twice on Sunday

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