Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make Me a God Damn Sandwich

Since none of my freakin classes were canceled today, even though there is a Snowpocalypse outside, I decided to get a nice little sangwich from the school's sandwich shop. Too bad this is what I got. Yeah it was delicious but only after I reassembled it. It was bad enough that I had to brave the elements to get the store, but then some ugly chick slaps this together. Cut the bread poorly, didn't cut the tomatoes, not enough sauce on it, just an all around half assed job. And on top of that she wraps it up like a retard and puts it on the counter upside down. What the fuck, you stupid twat you are an embarrassment to women around the world. You owe me an apology and if you weren't so ugly I would allow you to suck my dick. 

PS. It probably was the same fat ugly chick that reported her roommate missing after 15 mins.

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