Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Chicks are Stoopid

From: XXXX X'XXXXX                                                                                                                                       2/2/2011 11:32 AM
To: The Commish's Floor

Do you like ice cream? How about hot fudge? Sprinkles?

If you do, come to my apartment (515) from 8-10 pm this Sunday for some SUNDAES! I'll also have homemade popcorn and a movie going. This is a Penthouse get-together, but all friends, siblings etc. are welcome too. See you then!

WHAT: Make-your-own-sundaes, popcorn, and a movie
WHO: Penthouse (5th floor) residents + friends
WHERE: XX's apartment (515)
WHEN: Sunday February 6th from 8-10 pm
WHY: Because ice cream is delicious

I'll send a reminder later on this week!

This is reason number 1 why chicks are retarded. My RA who is a chick, thinks she is all clever and shit with having a make your own SUNDAE on a SUNDAY, too bad you scheduled it for the Second half of the SUPER BOWL. Like I don't go to these things in the first place cause all them are gay, but you have to be a complete moron or living under a rock or both, if you didn't know the Super Bowl was this Sunday. At least pretend you watch it, and just wait for the commercials. The only time I ever did these stupid RA events were my freshmen year, when the RA's hall programs were watching NFL Championship weekend, having a hall wide Masters gambling pool, and watching the greatest Dating show ever, I Love New York. But other that these meetings have the gay. Sorry Chick RA, I wont be making my own sundae, I will be busy being drunk, gambling, and watching the Packers win.

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