Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Commish is the Greatest Human Being Ever

As I said, and you can see from this picture, Peyton has a huge dick courtesy of Shot of GINN

So I know I said me and Jimmy would be cumming back like a month ago, but we got delayed by having jobs unlike that fag doucher @SMM0606 who is still trying to hold on to his glory days by going to grad school. Anyway the point is I will be trying to post a blog post once a night, about the same shit I used to post about. I'm not too sure what Jimmy cause he is a schmuck and anytime he gets near a computer he usually just ends up watching porn. I've kept my game fresh by stirrin pots on twitter and the facebook. Celebs just tweetin back at The Commish. Stay tuned for our NFL picks too so far on the year I am 45-43-3 not great but not bad for picking every game. It feels good to be back, I know Clay Matthews, Diamond Foxxx, and all the random Korean freaks that jerk off to our Hot Box of Rocks post are excited were back

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